Top 10 Lightweight Travel Trailers Under 3500 pounds

Travel enthusiasts and adventure seeking souls across the globe are increasingly turning to lightweight travel trailers for their on road voyages. With lesser strain on your tow vehicle, and more fuel efficient traveling these trailers also provide a cozy and efficient living space on the road. If trailers under 3,500 pounds are your focus then there are some factors to be considered that stand out more than others in terms of size, weight, layout, brand, price, and availability. Let’s dive a little deeper into these options:

Airstream Sport

   *Size: 16 to 22 feet

   *Weight: Starting at 2,860 pounds

   *Layout: Compact with iconic aluminum design, includes a bathroom and kitchenette

   *Brand Reputation: Airstream is synonymous with quality and a timeless look.

   *Price: Starting at $48,900

   *Availability: Widely available at Airstream dealerships

Escape Trailer

   *Size: Ranges from 17 to 21 feet

   *Weight: Starting at 2,600 pounds

   *Layout: Spacious interiors with customizable finishes

   *Brand Reputation: Known for high-quality craftsmanship

   *Price: Starting at $28,000

   *Availability: Direct from the manufacturer with a waiting list

Forest River R-Pod

   *Size: 18 to 20 feet

   *Weight: From 2,500 pounds

   *Layout: Features slide-outs for extra space and a rear kitchen design

   *Brand Reputation: Forest River is reputable for durability

   *Price: Starting at $20,000

   *Availability: Widely available through dealers

Scamp 16′ Deluxe

   *Size: 16 feet

   *Weight: 2,200 pounds

   *Layout: Cozy interior with wood finishes, versatile floor plans

   *Brand Reputation: Known for its classic, cult-like following

   *Price: Starting at $16,000

   *Availability: Order directly, may have wait times

Lance 1575

   *Size: 20 feet

   *Weight: 2,775 pounds

   *Layout: Spacious with slide-outs, skylight, and large windows

   *Brand Reputation: Lance is synonymous with quality in the lightweight segment

   *Price: Starting at $35,000

   *Availability: Available at Lance dealerships

Happier Camper HC1

   *Size: 13 feet

   *Weight: 1,100 pounds

   *Layout: Modular interior allows for customizable setups

   *Brand Reputation: Newer but gaining traction for its innovative design

   *Price: Starting at $25,000

   *Availability: Direct purchase, limited availability

Aliner Classic

   *Size: 15 feet

   *Weight: 1,990 pounds

   *Layout: Unique A-frame design, simple interiors

   *Brand Reputation: Pioneer in the pop-up segment

   *Price: Starting at $20,000

   *Availability: Available through Aliner dealerships

Jayco Hummingbird

   *Size: 13 to 20 feet

   *Weight: Starting at 1,545 pounds

   *Layout: Modern interior with varied floor plans

   *Brand Reputation: Jayco is a long-standing reputable brand

   *Price: Starting at $24,000

   *Availability: Widely available through Jayco dealerships

KZ Spree Escape

   *Size: Ranges from 16 to 20 feet

   *Weight: Starting at 2,800 pounds

   *Layout: Compact yet spacious with several amenities

   *Brand Reputation: Reliable and known for customer service

   *Price: Starting at $18,000

   *Availability: Available at KZ dealers

Winnebago Micro Minnie

   *Size: Around 20 feet

   *Weight: Starting at 3,000 pounds

   *Layout: Spacious with slide-outs, feature-rich interiors

   *Brand Reputation: Winnebago is a trusted name in RVs

   *Price: Starting at $28,000

   *Availability: Widely available through Winnebago dealers

***Please note that the above information is subject to change or vary depending on when and where the trailer is purchased. Please do your research before proceeding with purchasing your travel trailer or RV***

Other Things To Keep In Mind

While these and many other travel trailers are great road companions, there are a couple of things you also want to consider along with the information provided above. 1, you must consider what your vehicles towing capacity is to determine rather or not it can handle hauling your trailer. 2, do you have the right hitch for towing and wiring harness for braking and power. 3, does your vehicle have the capacity to tow your prospective trailers dry weight (when nothing is in the trailer except for what came in the trailer after it came from manufacturer) and the max weight at full payload capacity (when the maximum amount of weight is achieved due to loaded items, add ons, and fluids needed to run smoothly).

Choosing the right lightweight travel trailer is a mix of several factors from size, weight, layout, brand reputation, price, to availability. The options listed here offer a broad range of prospective purchase items for potential buyers, but always remember to do your due diligence and visit dealerships, take tours, and conduct thorough research before making a purchase to better fit for your travel needs.

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