5 of the top brand Short Queen RV mattresses

There are two things that you are guaranteed to do with an RV when you are traveling with plans to get the most out of it: drive and sleep! And both are non negotiable! Sleeping on the go is not the easiest so having a quality mattress is key which is why we’re going to talk about 5 of the top brands in the “short queen” RV mattress space.

Short Queen By Definition

Before we can examine top suppliers for this mattress type we need to understand what a “short queen” is. And no, its not a height challenged female member of a royal family though luxury is a point of emphasis! A “short queen” mattress for your recreational vehicle will typically be about 60″ x 75″ with different widths for various levels of comfort designed for the smaller RV bedroom spaces. Brands are multiple and preferences range from price, to comfort, to size and durability but the general idea is based around sleep and relaxation.

Let’s look at some brands

Here are five top-rated RV short queen mattresses by brand name, comfort, price, size, and durability:

  • Zinus Deluxe Memory Foam 8 Inch RV / Camper / Trailer / Truck Mattress, Short Queen
    • Comfort: Memory foam, biofoam, and pressure-relieving comfort.
    • Price: Approx. $250 – $350 (Prices can fluctuate based on location, offers, and more.)
    • Size: Short queen (60″ x 75″).
    • Durability: Zinus is known for its durable construction, and many users have reported its longevity.

  • Live & Sleep Classic RV Mattress
    • Comfort: Memory foam with a soft fabric cover, designed for deep contouring support.
    • Price: Approx. $250 – $400.
    • Size: Short queen (60″ x 75″).
    • Durability: Live & Sleep mattresses are built for durability and come with a 20-year warranty.

  • DynastyMattress CoolBreeze Gel Memory Foam Mattress for RV
    • Comfort: Gel memory foam for cooling and comfort, multi-layer construction.
    • Price: Approx. $300 – $450.
    • Size: Short queen (60″ x 75″).
    • Durability: DynastyMattress products are known for their durability, and this mattress includes a 120-day trial and a 20-year limited warranty.

  • Serenia Sleep Memory Foam RV Mattress
    • Comfort: Dual-layer construction with firm support base and softer memory foam top.
    • Price: Approx. $250 – $400.
    • Size: Short queen (60″ x 75″).
    • Durability: Serenia Sleep mattresses have good longevity, with many users reporting years of comfortable use.

  • Lucid 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress
    • Comfort: Gel-infused memory foam for cooling and comfort, with a ventilated design.
    • Price: Approx. $250 – $400.
    • Size: Short queen (60″ x 75″).
    • Durability: Lucid mattresses are known for their durable construction, and many reviews have highlighted their lasting comfort.

***Please note these are general prices and features, and they can vary based on location, retailer, changes in pricing or available offers. Also, other models and brands are also available with comfort and quality determined by personal preferences so do your own research before purchasing for complete satisfaction***

Ways to Purchase

Now you can see which mattress you want but you may not be sure of where to go and get it. Or maybe you went to the brand’s website but figured you would shop around to see if you could get a better price from an online source. Could be that shipping is the issue and so you want to go with a vendor that can meet your unique shopping needs. Here are some of the different online stores that you can visit to land your new short queen RV mattress:

**Amazon**: It’s one of the world’s largest online retailers and has a vast selection of RV mattresses from various brands.

**Camping World**: This is a specialty retailer that focuses on RVs and camping equipment, including mattresses specifically designed for RVs.

**Mattress Insider**: They specialize in custom mattresses, including those for RVs. Their website offers a variety of RV mattress sizes, including the short queen.

**eBay**: This massive online marketplace has both new and used RV mattresses. Ensure you’re purchasing from a reputable seller with good reviews.

**Wayfair**: Known for home goods, furniture, and decor, Wayfair also offers a selection of RV mattresses.

**Overstock**: This online retailer often carries RV mattresses, including the short queen size, and often at discounted prices.

**RV Mattress**: As the name suggests, this site specializes in mattresses specifically for RVs.

**Sleeping Organic**: They offer organic and natural mattress options, including sizes suitable for RVs.

**Factory Direct**: They offer a range of mattresses including those customized for RVs.

**Walmart**: The online site of this major retailer often carries RV-specific mattresses, and they might be available for pickup or delivery in your area.

***Keep in mind when you’re purchasing a RV mattress online, be sure and check the reviews, get familiar with the shipping and return policy, and whether a trial period is available. Also, make sure you measure your RV bed frame accurately to be certain the mattress you order fits correctly. Happy hunting and sweet travel dreams!

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